My Purpose:

It is my passion to travel the globe in search of great wines and telling their story at, as well as consulting with my clients to help them choose good wines for their cellars. The wines that I especially enjoy are limited production wines from smaller wineries as well as hard to find rare, unique, old wines. To grasp my philosophy I highly recommend watching Mondovino and rethink the way you drink!

Fine/Rare/Old Wines

I have several relationships with importers who specialize in the fine/old/rare, collectible wine segment of the wine industry. They are experts in direct imports mainly from French producers, and are fanatics on provenance, one is a Rhone specialist. All of their wine arrives in refrigerated trucks and is kept in below-ground, temperature-controlled warehouses.

Additionally, through them I have direct relationships with producers in Burgundy, and Rhone provenances to name a few. If you are looking for a rare, old, fine wine and can’t locate it, chances are I can find it for you, email us!

Sustainable, Biodynamic, Organic Wines

I also work closely with wineries and winemakers that specialize in sustainable, biodynamic, organic viticulture. In addition, I work with some of the best importers and distributors who represent these farmers who choose to protect and preserve nature in their quest to make delicious wines.


I also consult with different wineries and help them find the proper distribution channels that would allow them to break into new markets, namely the Midwest, Chicago market. If you are a winery, have small production wines, and are looking to break into this market, contact me.

The Other Side Of The Grape

Catch our radio show, Wine Radio , and listen to great interviews with some of the most renowned vintners from across the world.